Flashing LineageOS on an Xperia Z Tablet

Some weeks ago I got a Xperia Z Tablet for free. The former owner was unable to charge it. A plugged in charger didn't do anything. As the battery was already dead, the Xperia Z Tablet only showed a 3 times blinking red light while pressing the ON button, I thought that it could be the charger itself. I tested 3 different chargers one with even 2.1A. Some forums suggested that the tablet should be charged for a longer time, some suggested 24 hours, I let the tablet on the charger for that long, but it didn't charge.

How to buy a smartphone the smart way for long term usage

When a friend of mine showed me the first Fairphone I didn't quite realize what she was showing me. I actually did know what the Fairphone was, the media I'm reading were covered with stories about it. They actually made pretty huge hype out of it. But the question was: What does it mean to me. So, some month later I realized what it meant to me: It was a status symbol, like a organic fair trade t-shirt. Putting money into a more long lasting approach, creating a phone whose materials where traded fair. 

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