When the nfs-kernel-server at the Raspberry Pi won't serve

Some years ago a friend pointed out that it is easier to boot Raspberry Pi images from an NFS instead heaving the entire Linux sit on the SD. The benefit is that on the server machine everything can be stored on a SSD or hard drive, whatever you prefer. 

My problem was that when I had a power outage the Raspberry Pis won't boot anymore because the couldn't access the NFS machine. I was looking for long for a solution and didn't find anything. The service was up and running and the /etc/exportfs showed the right directories.

Connman and its problem with an NFS booted OSMC images

Recently I installed OSMC, the Open Source Media Center. I had to replace the old XMBC installation on my Raspberry PI I as the software was totally outdated and Plugins won't work anymore or run pretty slow.  

Once I had the image flashed I set the image up to boot from NFS instead of having all the system files on the SD. Everything went smooth so I saved the iso back to the backup storage and started OSMC. Booting and configuration went fine. 

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