Connman and its problem with an NFS booted OSMC images

Recently I installed OSMC, the Open Source Media Center. I had to replace the old XMBC installation on my Raspberry PI I as the software was totally outdated and Plugins won't work anymore or run pretty slow.  

Once I had the image flashed I set the image up to boot from NFS instead of having all the system files on the SD. Everything went smooth so I saved the iso back to the backup storage and started OSMC. Booting and configuration went fine. 

Then I noticed an odd problem: I couldn't install plugins. All the plugins I tried to install came with an error. In order to solve the issue I sshed (start username and password: osmc) in and checked if I can wget files. No, I couldn't. I pinged and there it was: ping: bad address 

I checked if I could ping the router, which was possible. I went on reading different OSMC  forum thread. When I found that OSMC using connman to configure the networks everything mad sense. Due to the usage of connman resolv.conf is symlinked to /var/run/connmann/resolv.conf, which - you might guess it - didn't exist. I touched resolv.conf and restarted connmann. Voila: resolv.conf in the connman directory was populated with the networks DNS. Perfect!

Then I went for a dist-upgrade as I noticed in a discussion thread at OSMC that there are still issues with older version. After upgrading I rebooted the system and now I have internet access on the OSMC.


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